Video Production Services

We have a wide range of contacts who can produce your web video from start to finish. We can also take your existing video and convert it for embedding on your website. Ready for your closeup? Contact us to get your video online!

YouTube Services

Chicago Web Management can get your video on YouTube and other online video directories for greater exposure.

Video Embedding Services

We can add a ‘title’ screen to your video or simply place a still frame with a ‘play’ button on it for your site.

Client sites with ebmedded videos by Chicago Web Management

Chicago Sports Injury Centers: Yellow Pages Commercial
City of Chicago Committee on Finance: Flash video area becomes live video during committee meetings.
HoldSLR Camera Solutions: Video showing testimonials and usage
Premier Asset Management: Posted seminar vide on home page and tv interview on about page.
Sample Embedded Video in Flash (Voiceover and Produced by Reno Lovison)
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Sample Embedded Video (Chicago WordCamp post-seminar video)