Interface Design

Got a bad interface? We can redesign it to make it more visually pleasing as well as more intuitive. Often, web design is the last service that is implemented in a web sites’ development cycle, but with Chicago Web Management, the interface is the driver for all other services. All successful web sites have useful interfaces. Is your site suffering from a case of the uglies? Contact us to fix your face!

Budget Web Design

We recommend using these themes if you’re on a budget.

Custom web page design

Our designers are experienced visual communications specialists, not merely ‘graphic designers’ and the difference is striking. Graphic designers make things look pretty, but visual communications is about usable design, not merely aesthetically pleasing ones. Our designs successfully support business functions and reduce user confusion, thereby increasing satisfaction.

Templated page design

We have some excellent template designs available for our clients. This is an inexpensive option for those businesses who don’t require a highly customized design for their site.

Brochure design

Our designers are also fluent in print media. We can develop pieces to support your internet marketing strategies. Contact us for further details and a portfolio of our print work. Note: We only do this for our web clients.

Less is more

Is your web site suffering from ‘too much stuff’ on its pages? We can help you sort out what’s important and prioritize the interface to support business objectives. Give us a call to help you get rid of that rusty old truck on your front lawn–AKA home page!