Creating a web site is more than just hanging your shingle online. Its also a valuable way to provide marketing services and improve inefficiencies in communication your value proposition to your audience. Chicago Web Management’s competitive advantage over other ‘web firms’ or our expertise in driving new business to our clients. Everything we do is designed towards improving your bottom line. Our success extends across many industries, here’s a few examples:

Improved E-commerce Capabilities

Client A had a store in place and was generating some sales, however, their e-commerce platform restricted their ability to manage the order process. Chicago Web Management moved them to a new host, installed Zen Cart and trained the owner how to manage the store more efficiently. Result? Sales improved 30% in the first month alone and orders are ‘a breeze to manage’ with automatic emails generated when orders are processed.

Compelling Updates to Site

Client B has a visually appealing site, but was not getting enough phone calls from it. They paid to have ReachLocal generate an online ad campaign that had mediocre results. Chicago Web Management updated the ‘landing page’ for the ad campaign that gets 25% more phone calls and resulted in a significant improvement in the ReachLocal campaign. They are very pleased with the improvement and quality of leads.

Ability to Monitor Traffic Patterns

Client C has a high traffic web site, but was unsure of where the traffic came from or what they did on the site. Chicago Web Management installed Google Analytics and provided weekly updates (sent via email) that the client can quickly review to ensure that the right message is being seen by the target audience. Objective traffic reports enhances the decision making process. Chicago Web Management added contact information to the individual consultant’s pages and this generated more leads for Client C’s consultants.

Social Media Marketing

Client D has an exciting new product, but a very limited budget. How best to reach the target audience without breaking the bank? Chicago Web Management created a blog, Facebook Fan Page and generated immediate interest with only a few hours of effort that is continuing to build awareness for this client. The results have exceeded their expectations. Contact us to learn how we can do the same for you!

Local Marketing

Chicago Web Management has numerous successful projects for ‘local marketing’ for our clients. If you’re an attorney, doctor or other business that relies on a specific geographic area for your client base, we can help you reach that audience without breaking your budget. We use ReachLocal for some of these efforts, but also Facebook and other tools are utilised to help generate awareness and leads.

Domain Name Generation

Chicago Web Management has many successful domains setup for clients. They often come to us looking for advice on which domain name is best for their service or product. See our client list for some examples that we’ve successfully implemented for them.

Email Campaigns

Chicago Web Management can show you how to generate quality leads through email marketing and our knowledge of market-leading programs allows us to act as your advisor for these critical tools.

Print Design and Brochure Development

Our design staff has experience with creating brochures and will work closely with your staff to ensure a cohesive end result that complements your marketing plan. This is a service exclusive to our web clients. We do not offer print design by itself.