We are excited to inform you that after many years of working with top-level E-commerce systems like Zen Cart, Open Cart, Magento and WooCommerce, we’re confident that WooCommerce is a CLEAR WINNER for 98% of your E-commerce needs.

For Example:
Currently there are OVER: 10,000,000 downloads of WooCommerce. (Ten Million)
WooCommerce powers over 30% of all online stores
(as of October, 2015)

Here’s a few reasons we’re supporting WooCommerce for your next E-commerce site.

Reason One: Large repository of complementary plugins to support framework
There are over 350 extensions to support this framework for Shipping (FedEx, UPS, USPS), Fullfillment (Bedabox), Inventory Management (import/export), Wholesale pricing and others. In addition, because its open source, we can modify any extension to suit your specific business need.

Pros: Can quickly install functional items to ‘tailor fit’ to your business needs.
Cons: Too many plugins can be unwieldly, so we recommend limiting to what works best.
Costs: Inexpensive and quick, 3-6 hours to implement, some plugins have licensing fees.

Reason Two: Unparallelled support and developer community
There are over 100,000 sites running WooCommerce and chances are, if there’s a problem, someone else has faced it and has posted a solution on a forum for developers. Also, this type of feedback means continual updates to keep your site running smoothly.

Pros: Problems are resolved quickly, and oftent inexpensively.
Cons: NONE
Costs: Minimal to fix bugs

Reason Three: Ease of Customer ‘store management’ of their store
Right out of the box, WooCommerce offers a ‘store manager’ user role who can manage the store, but NOT add new pages or posts; this keeps you free to manage the ‘overall’ website experience (posting sale information, events updates and such) yet keeping the ‘store manager’ role limited to functions to support this E-commerce site.

Pros: You can have an intern manage the store without worry about rest of site.
Cons: NONE.
Costs: Estimate an hour of in-person training to show store functions.

Reason Four: Time-to-market
Ready-to-go framework from WooCommerce, combined with a few essential plugins means you can get your store running INSIDE OF A WEEK in some cases!

Pros: Little down time is needed to implement E-commerce from WooCommerce
Cons: NONE
Costs: Contact us for an estimate
Example: www.ChicagoDiscus.com

Reason Five: Lowest Cost to develop
Some websites, with complex needs and bizarre business requirements, can require 200 to 300 hours to develop on up to $100,000 or MORE to develop and implement. We can implement WooCommerce site for your business in as little as 20 hours and often less than 60 hours effort; this is often somewhere between $2,000 to $8,000, depending on your business requirements.

Remember, we provide training AND support for all our systems. Its up to YOU to make it successful! Contact us today at 773-213-7747 to get started.

Woo What?
WooCommerce is an E-commerce framework that WORKS WITH WordPress. It comes fully functioning, with Sales, Tax, Inventory, Customer and Shipping Management all ready to be customized for your business needs.

Think of it as a multipurpose toolkit for your business. We’ll show you how to work the knife, the spoon, the fork and the bowls; You just need to bring the ingredients to the table and we’ll help you make a delicious recipe of E-commerce to help YOU sell online.