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3″ patch commemorating motorcycle ride of over 666 miles in a single day.

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If you’ve ever had the pleasure of riding over 666 miles  (1071 Km) in a single day, then you know what a pain in the ass this distance can be! This patch is inspired by a mapping result for a ride in September, 2018 from Birmingham, Alabama to Chicago, Illinois.

666 miles from Birmingham to Chicago


Semi-Boring Backgrounder
I had ridden to Louisville for the KentuckyKickdown, then spent a few days riding the Tail of the Dragon and wound up at MotoAmerica Race at Barber Motorsports Park. However, that Sunday, I HAD to get home for work, so I mapped out the ride and the map showed the distance to be 666 miles and I thought that was hilarious.

During the duller portions of this ride, I came up with the idea for the patch and after 12 hours in the saddle, I had this concept mocked up –devil with tail forming last digit of 666 and pitchfork.

This is a limited run patch. Once they’re sold, there won’t be any more made!

*unlike other long distance patches, this doesn’t require verification, but you ARE encouraged to list the vehicle, date and end points for the world to see!
Fully loaded SV650 sport touring