1986 Yamaha SRX 600

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1986 Yamaha SRX600

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Hello SRX Fans! This bike has been gone over thoroughly and its ready to sell. LOW MILES for a bike this old and yes, we have clean title in hand.

Listen to it here: https://youtu.be/WWfosAoX_Sc

New Front Tire, New Chain and Sprockets, New Piston Rings (with honing of cylinder as well)  Full Tuneup too with fresh oil and filter!

We have painted Frame and body parts and have cleaned/polished all external engine bits and have changed all seals and o-rings as necessary. This bike also has a new 5th Gear and pinion
(this was a common issue with SRX600s and not due to abuse or neglect. Source: http://www.srx600.net/faq/faq.php&heading=FAQ)

Fresh paint and has over $1,500 in new parts (have old parts for you to view and keep if you like) and we have another $1,200 in labor for engine work (top end new rings and hone, replace 5th gear and give complete tune up as well as painting and prepping this bike so it’s 100% ready for you.

It’s not perfect (some wear and tear at seat and a ding in muffler as shown in photos) and needs only mirrors. And you can see wear in the instrument panels and switches.

Fun Bike and is KICKSTART ONLY. But it DOES start easily, impress your friends with your abilities! (also, great for city bike; small and light, it fits and rides ANYWHERE)

Any questions? Just ask.

Old parts AND manuals are INCLUDED with this item.