Chicago Web Management partners with ReachLocal


Chicago Web Management is proud to announce a revolutionary way to generate and track your internet marketing campaigns. We’ve recently formed an alliance with ReachLocal to service businesses in the Chicago area.

What is ReachLocal? In a nutshell, its a search engine marketing aggregator. Instead of running separate keyword campaigns on Google, Yahoo, MSN, Yellow Pages and targeted banner networks, you only have to set up one campaign in one location and all reporting comes from a single source.

Imagine reading reports that show you exactly how many people called your business from a keword, or exactly how many people printed out a coupon for your services. ReachLocal and Chicago Web Management can show you how to make this happen. And for less than $50 per lead!

How does it work?

Advertising Targeted to Your Local Audience
Based on the products & services you want to promote and the geographical areas you wish to target, the ReachLocal platform automatically selects the best publishers for you. All publishers selected are able to target your advertising to customers in the areas that your clients service. Currently, the ReachLocal platform is able to target ads to the DMA (designated marketing area) or city-level.

The ReachLocal advertising platform is able to place your business in front of 200 million unique customers through the following advertising channels:

Search Engines
Search engines are often the first place people visit to begin their research and represent the greatest source of Internet traffic. The ReachLocal platform currently works to place ads on both Google & Overture (a Yahoo company), two of the leading providers of search engine advertising products. People type in “keywords” at the search engine, and advertisements are displayed that match those keywords. The ReachLocal platform purchases on your behalf keywords that people use when they search for products & services in their area. For example, if you are a dentist, we may purchase the keywords “dentist”, “dentists”, “DDS”, “D.D.S.”, “toothache”, as well as hundreds more pertaining to the field of dentistry. On average, the ReachLocal platform purchases 5,000 keywords for each advertiser. Imagine trying to manage your own Search Engine Marketing program with 5,000 keywords on two different platforms. The workload is too high to justify it, but thanks to ReachLocal, Chicago Web Management can offer a one-stop shopping solution customized for your business and budget requirements. We can manage your campaigns or you can manage them, either way you maintain control over your marekting efforts.

Internet Yellow Pages
Many consumers have migrated from referencing the print yellow pages to searching the online yellow pages. Case in point: (Verizon) receives as many as 15 million visits and 9 million unique visitors per month. Like search engines, internet yellow pages (IYP) represent a tremendous source of extremely targeted searches for offline businesses. Currently, only Verizon is offering a Pay-Per-Click model (where you only pay when a user clicks on their ad to visit your web site), but, shortly, all other IYP sites will implement a Pay-Per-Click solution, and the ReachLocal platform will expand its Internet Yellow Pages publisher network as they do.

Geo-Targeted Banner Networks
Through its publisher network, the ReachLocal advertising platform is also able to place ads on thousands of other sites across the Internet AND can limit the display of those ads to only those people living within the geographic areas you want to target with your advertising. These ads are integrated directly into the content of those sites and can either be text-based or graphical in nature.

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