What is WordPress?

WordPress is an open-source Content Management System (CMS) that began in 2003. Currently there are OVER 72 MILLION websites using WordPress and we’re excited to be offering this framework/CMS to our clients.

This means that we can build a website for you that you’ll be able to manage and update yourself. You can also assign editors and administrators to specific portions or pages within the site. This distinction is what sets it apart from traditional CMS solutions. Whether you’re a single-office business or a government agency, WordPress can make your life simpler when it comes to content management and keeping your site current and fresh for your audience.

WordPress vs Drupal?

Drupal is excellent for larger organizations or publishers that need to exert granular control over editors and administrators. WordPress is best for smaller and single-owner websites for management.

Why should I care about WordPress?

You don’t have to care, but if you want to save money by self-managing your site, this is a great way to do so. If you’d rather hand off the editorial duties to a team of monkeys that’s your business, but if we can train them to use WordPress, then you’d be all set. Speaking of monkeys, we can also assign lawyers the ability to preview and approve content BEFORE it goes live so that you don’t wind up in court on defamation charges. Seriously though, WordPress allows you to add new pages, new images, new videos to your site without knowing any HTML or programming. How cool is that?

WordPress Content Management Systems

WordPress has easy-to-use tools for your editors, administrators, visitors and set permissions for specific areas of a website and that puts the control back in your hands, not the developers. We work with WordPress 3.0+ and newer systems only and can help you to upgrade an older or out of date CMS to this new standard. Our developers have been building WordPress CMS that take the pain out of content editing and management. Contact us for a demo.

WordPress Forms Development

Contact forms, Quote Request forms, Claim forms, Job Application, Registration forms, Surveys are all items we’ve developed for our clients. These forms can be emailed to you, posted to another web page, inserted into a database, posted to a spreadsheet or a combination of the above. WordPress makes it easy for you to manage your forms and their processing.

WordPress Database Development

Our experience with database development with WordPress means that your MySQL database will be configured properly from the get go with the highest reliability, security and ease of management in mind. Let us help you get the most of your site.

WordPress Store and Shopping cart software integration

We work with some of the most popular storefront and shopping cart software available on the market today. We are specialists in tying different shopping carts to WordPress.

WordPress Training

We can come to your site and offer training for you or your staff. Just ask!

WordPress in Chicago?

There’s over 700 members in Chicago WordPress Meetup Groups. Want to know more? Go!